Jacques Lacan talks about the concept of an infant’s “mirror stage”. The mirror stage refers to the moment when infants recognize their own reflection – something very few animals can do. This moment of self-recognition is the beginning of one of the greatest struggles we have as humans – how do we reconcile our external shell with all of the elements that make up who we are? Lacan has a term “méconnaissance”, which basically is translated as the “misrecognition of one’s own image”. What happens when one feels alienated from that which one represents to the world?

Lacan exhorts us to grieve that chasm. We can never be known to others in the way that we perceive ourselves. Once we have grieved, we are then better able to build our relationships with others.

This series is composed of schematics of relationships that I have with others in the world. Using my own system of symbolism, I’ve charted those that I love in an effort to understand them, and myself, better.

Medium: Repurposed inkjet prints, mixed media collage