In making work this work, I sought out the grey areas of our digital world. Neither wholly positive nor wholly negative, the visible and invisible computers of our lives give us as many opportunities as they take away. Firmly planted on Earth, we can explore the cosmos; we can live in the cloud. We can travel to distant planets , we can talk to loved ones who are far away.

As ever, in making there is an uncovering; a turning over that reveals both sides of our digital existence. What does it mean when we are lost in space, lost in the cloud? What happens to our physical interpersonal connections? I find that peeking behind the digital curtain, the curtain that hides the cord gore and digital detritus helps to tie us to our earthly roots.

MEDIUM: Digital Projection onto foam; Music by Bryce Wemple; Sound by C. Tornatzky, 60″ x 48″ 2018