Nibiru (WIP)


It is told that the sun has a twin. A binary companion, like many of the twin suns in the universe.

We think of our sun as a singleton, a lone star that we orbit around.

But stories say that our sun’s twin is out there.

In the stories, our sun’s companion was knocked in to its own orbit after another star got too close.

And that was that.

But there are some things that tell a different story…

Medium: VR

Where I Am When I Am Not With You

The geometry of a triangle has three vertices, each culminating in a point that reaches out and away from its two companions. When one point is at the top, a triangle is vaguely phallic, when two points are northerly, it is yonic. I think about triangles often, as I am one of three in my house: to one – a mother, to another – a wife and to myself – something else again.

In Buddhism there is a concept of Anatta – or “no-self”. Anatta is part of three existential markers, along with Anicca or “impermanence” and Dukkha “suffering or dissatisfaction”. Again, a relationship triangle. This idea of “no-self” is hard for me as a westerner to understand. What is “no-self” when I seem to be something to others?

This animation is my exploration and searching towards understanding my own “no-self”. No self as in, no body and nobody.

Medium: frame by frame animation combined with dynamically generated patterns created through the use of code.


Check out this animation at SUPERNOVA’s Director’s Choice selection in Denver, September 21. You can find more information here.



“Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.”
William Shakespeare, MacBeth

We often talk about art as a “way of seeing”, a way to better understand the world. Whether to focus on the shape of a subject’s features, or to interpret what unfolds in front of us, an artist’s job is to look when others might look away. What does it mean to focus on stars, when there is so much to see right beside us? The glimmering beauty distracts us from the task at hand.

MEDIUM: Digital projection, 2018