• New Lanark - Multicolored (2014 - 2017)

Originally, we could “see” our computers, we accessed them through windows. The window of the computer monitor gave way to the window of the browser, which in turn gave way to the boxed image or video. While we often chose to ignore the windows within windows – it was there for us to see if we gave it a moment’s thought.

Now, the computers that surround us are hidden. Embedded within hardware (a phone, a camera, a printer, a smart home monitor…) we look to the content, ignoring the medium that allows us to see what we need to see. The problem with this is that, being human, we forget. We forget that an algorithm was written to curate our search results, we forget that we are looking at a small 3:2 ration of the world around us.

This piece is about the windows that we forget. The windows that we ignore when looking at the content. In this case, the window is bigger than the content, and it is as interesting as the content. The content is another story – we are getting only a tiny peek of a different world.

This piece is about what we can see but ignore, and it reminds us that while we are able to see some, we can’t see or know all.

MEDIUM: Foam, acrylic paint, two TFT monitors and media players, wood, 42″ x 48″ 2019