Stereoscopy is a technique used to give an illusion of depth in an image. Sir Charles Wheatstone invented the earliest type of stereoscope in 1838 – it could be argued that stereographs were the original virtual reality.

Human vision combines two perspectives (what the right eye sees and what the left eye sees) to give brain information different perspectives. The difference in what the eye sees is called parallax. In virtual reality, cameras used for to filming are also separated into left and right cameras to create a perfect parallax effect.

“Duets” is a meditation on the idea of new media – technologies that we claim to be “new” often have their roots in technologies that are sometimes as much as one hundred years old. Using 3D camera techniques and a split screen, “Duets” also explores the intimate relationship of two abstract shapes. The anthropomorphised shapes dance around one another, a centralized gravity pulling them together.

One of the things that I love most about my field is that as new media artists, we work to maintain one foot in the past as we step towards the future. As awkward as that sounds, so much interesting work comes from tension of these two worlds.

MEDIUM: Foam, birch, stereoscope lenses, monitor, media player 16″ x 16″ x 7″ 2020